RGB and NDVI Data Processing Package Pricing

Packages include 1 packet, and up to 20 packets. 

Each Packet Contains:

Data processing for 1 survey of up to 160 acres of 20 megapixel imaging from 400ft AGL at 80% overlap.

1x 4GB Flash Drive to load your data onto
1x Postage-paid Envelope Addressed to Snail Mail Data to

All processed imagery is provided in JPEG and GeoTIFF formats
(we can provide other formats on request, these two are the most widely used though)


RGB images show what is plainly seen by the human eye (in the visible light spectrum).  Orthomosaic maps allow you to see your entire field at once.  Zoom in and view locations in high resolution to identify potential problems.

RGB Packet Pricing

  • 1 Packet: $110.00
  • 2 Packets: $220.00
  • 5 Packets: $550.00
  • **10 Packets: $1000.00 (Save $100)
RGB image.JPG


Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) is used as a good indicator of plant health.  It can effectively be utilized as a predictor to prescribe inputs for precision agriculture crop management. 

RGB + NDVI Packet Pricing

  • 1 Packet: $190.00
  • 2 Packets: $380.00
  • *5 Packets: $900.00 (Save $50.00)
  • **10 Packets: $1750.00 (Save $150)
NDVI ezample.jpg