Nearly half of rural farming operations reported internet upload speeds to be the most frustrating aspect of drone data collection in agriculture.

@M3Aerial (Twitter Poll) 11/27/2017
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The Only Mail-Based Data Processing Company in Canada


The ProblemS

1) Internet upload speeds in rural communities and in remote locations are usually poor, or non-existent.  This makes uploading data to cloud processing options extremely inconvenient, or impossible!

2) PC-based orthomosaic data processing engines, such as Pix4D and Agisoft are very, very expensive!  They also require powerful computers and graphics cards to process the data in a timely manner.


Our 4-Step Solution

1) Snail Mail Data will send you a data collection package, which consists of:

  • 1x 4GB Flash Drive per 160 acres of processing
  • 1x Return Postage Paid Envelope to send your data back

2) You collect your data,either RGB or NIR using any brand of sensor, such as:

  • Any standard RGB camera
  • Sentera Single, Dual, or Quad NIR and multispectral sensors
  • Parrot Sequoia multispectral sensor
  • Micasense RedEdge and RedEdge-M sensors
  • SlantRange multispectral sensor

3) Transfer the data to a flash drive, put it in a postage-paid envelope, and drop into any Canada Post mailbox...

Unless in the unlikely event of a blizzard, or stoppage of the mail delivery... we got your back!

4) We process your data and upload it to an online cloud within 48 hours of receiving it (usually within 4 days of you sending it).  We also send the processed data back to you on your card.

anywhere in Canada, guaranteed within 6 days...

or it's FREE!


Our  Processing Packages

RGB ONLY (Standard Colour)

Processing rates for only RGB image processing. 


Processing rates for RGB & NDVI crop health image processing.